What Is Basement Encapsulation?

You already know that Basement & Foundation Solutions is the go-to team in North Carolina for crawl space encapsulation. But did you know that we also provide encapsulation services for your entire basement? In today’s blog, we’ll be going over the ins and outs of basement encapsulation and how it can benefit your home. Continue reading to find out more, then contact us today!


Understanding the Process

Basement encapsulation involves sealing off the walls, floors, and ceiling of your basement to protect it from water intrusion and moisture damage. This waterproofing process is an important step once you have a drainage system installed, so you can make sure errant water stays out of your basement and is directed away from your foundation.


Benefits of Basement Encapsulation

The most obvious benefit of basement encapsulation is the protection that it provides against moisture infiltration. Not only does this help to protect all of your belongings from leaks and water damage, but it can also prevent mold and mildew from growing in your basement. Moreover, basement encapsulation can increase the value of your home since prospective buyers will love the peace of mind it provides.


Is Basement Encapsulation Right for You?

Basement encapsulation is an appealing option for many homeowners in North Carolina, but we highly recommend it to those who live in an older home prone to water seepage, or those who plan to fully finish their basement. In either case, having a basement that’s completely clean and dry is essential.


Let Us Encapsulate Your Basement!

If you’re still not sure whether basement encapsulation is a good choice for your home, let the experts at Basement & Foundation Solutions help you decide! We can inspect your basement and explain the potential benefits of this affordable and effective process. Plus, if your basement requires foundation repairs or concrete leveling before we get started, we can handle that, too!

Are you ready to transform your basement into the space it was always meant to be? If so, contact Basement & Foundation Solutions to experience the difference that our basement encapsulation services can make!

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