3 Signs Your Basement Needs Waterproofing

You look outside to see a major downpour, and the first thing that comes to mind is the leak your basement seems to have sprung recently. At first, you just began to notice some condensation on the windows and walls, but now you’ve started hearing a trickling sound and seeing a small pile of water that never seems to go away.

As a homeowner, standing water in your home is very alarming, but it can have a variety of different causes. This week’s Basement & Foundation Solutions blog discusses three major signs that your basement needs waterproofing.

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Sign #1: Water Stains or Standing Water

If you’ve noticed any sort of standing water or water stains in your basement, you should consider basement waterproofing immediately. Unless you can trace the puddle of water or stain back to a specific incident, such as a spill or previous leak, you should never find standing water or stains on your basement floor.

Faint stains are a sign that water has seeped through your floor, and if it’s happened once, it’s bound to happen again.

Sign #2: A Musty Smell

Typically, when you think about water damage, you imagine splashing puddles, broken pipes, and rushing water. However, your home often shows signs of water damage that are somewhat easy to miss, and one of those is a musty smell.

Commonly attributed to other issues, a musty smell may be difficult to trace back to water damage. But, a musty smell in your basement often means that water has been lingering for a long time. If you do detect a musty smell, reach out to Basement & Foundation Solutions for basement waterproofing right away!

Sign #3: Mold

Mold can grow at a very high rate, which means that if you have a water leak in your basement, it can become overgrown with nasty, harmful mold. If you notice anything in your basement that smells, looks, or feels like mold, you should consider basement waterproofing immediately, as it can be harmful to your home and your family, leading to structural damage and serious health issues.

Trust Basement & Foundation Solutions for Your Basement Waterproofing

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